Planning & Design Packages

At Skylar Arden I am truly invested in each and every event. Not only will I spend countless hours working with you but I also become devoted to you as a client and friend. It’s not uncommon for me to dream up ideas in the middle of the night or shop for hours to find the perfect accent for your event. I love to share my creative ideas and resources to plan your dream celebration! 

Full Service Planning & Production

 Photo Credit: Judy Pak Photography

Photo Credit: Judy Pak Photography


My clients hire me because of my dedication and commitment to making your event truly a reflection of you.

When it comes to planning something as personal and unique as your wedding, a “one-size-fits-all” planning package doesn’t truly fit. My philosophy is catered toward you because, at the end of the day, that's who it is all about. 

To start, I would love have an initial phone call with you and your other half to hear your ideas and talk about the specifics that are most important to you. I would also encourage you to discuss any questions, concerns or expectations you may have but, most importantly, it's about getting to know you. After I can create a custom planning and design proposal specifically tailored for you. 

Behind every wedding design and coordination go hand in hand, below is a brief list of the items I devote myself to in order to make that belief work:

-As I said, my first step is an in-depth consultation to learn all about you. I want to know how you met, what your hobbies are, where you like to shop and many more details to give me a true vibe of who you are individually and as a couple. Along with that I also review all of the major elements of the wedding or celebration to learn your general style and vision.

-Working with you to create a realistic budget projection for your event based on our consultation.

-Providing an extensive planning checklists based around your wedding date to help with organization. 

-Collaborating with you to find the perfect hotel, resort, mansion, cabin, private estate or wide-open space for your event venue.

-Assist with selecting the perfect vendor team to match your style, budget and personality.

-Being a constant and reassuring presence throughout the process.  I will be by your side every step of the way including scheduling and attending your vendor meetings.

-I will recommend and manage guest accommodations and group transportation.

-Managing rental items including, but certainly not limited to, specialty linens, china, flatware and lighting.

-I will be your liaison and point of contact with all wedding professionals to ensure nothing goes unnoticed.

-Creating detailed production schedules for your wedding weekend as it begins

-Managing the final walk-through at the venue to confirm all the space diagrams, production schedules and      details are accurate.

Email: For Custom Pricing

Partial Planning

 Photo Credit: Ashley Tilton Photography

Photo Credit: Ashley Tilton Photography


Includes all of the above except finding an event space.  Of course since each couple is unique lets go over details of your needs.


Coordination & Production, Month Of Package ( A.K.A. Day Of)

 Photo Credit: Tim Ryan Photography  Bouquet Design: Skylar Arden 

Photo Credit: Tim Ryan Photography

Bouquet Design: Skylar Arden 


1 Hour – initial phone inquiry and in-person consultation

1 Hour – creating all planning documents specific to your event/sent electronically

3 + Hours – meetings with you before the wedding to go through details and checklists

2 Hours – phone and email communication with you before the wedding

 2 Hours – create and finalize the wedding day time line and vendor list

 2 Hours – communicating with and confirming all vendors

 2 Hours – attend a final meeting at the venue to review details and logistics

 2 + Hours – attending and managing the wedding rehearsal

12 Hours + – actual time I am on-site during the wedding day

1 Hour – follow up after the wedding with clients and returning any rental items you are responsible for

Includes and assistant if desired

=Approximately 28 hours of time


Styling, Design & DIY Assistance/Creation

 Photo Credit: Kate Edwards Photo

Photo Credit: Kate Edwards Photo

I believe it is important to not only have a unified look but also a guest experience that matches the feel of your event style and incorporating the 5 senses. I offer custom event styling using images, color swatches, linens and written narratives to establish an overall design concept. I work with you to create a true vision of your celebration before I start planning the design elements of your event.  

Event styling is included with our planning services. It can also be quoted as a stand-alone service to help pull together your event details, colors, style and atmosphere into a cohesive brand and style for your wedding. 


Corporate Events

 Photo Credit : Amy Pinard Photographhy

Photo Credit : Amy Pinard Photographhy

If you’re looking for an event  such as a corporate retreat, a product or brand launch, etc. we've got you covered with this as well!

Email: For Custom Pricing

Destination Events

 Photo Credit: Ruth Eileen

Photo Credit: Ruth Eileen


True to any Sagittarius lead team we love to travel. From Massachusetts, to the islands, Europe and any where in between. Inquire for a custom package that's fit for your needs.

Personal Training

I can provide you with a certified personal trainer that offers two options. Pick which works best for you, your goals, and your schedule. 

Personal Training packages- 10, 20,or 30 session packages. Most brides will train 2-3 times per week if possible. 

-125. Per session if once per week. 

-115. Per session if twice per week.

-105. Per session if 3 or more per week.

 Or a monthly services, which include the following

- Initial meeting, training session, body fat check and weigh in.

- Bi-weekly photo updates and assessment of progress.

- Workout / Cardio Schedule

- Personalized meal plans

- 350 per month.